Pam has a fine arts and philosophy background and has always felt a connection to the energy that flows around and through all living things.

She finds her inspiration in nature, travel, and imagination, and loves to create in just about any media: drawing, painting, creative sewing, jewelry and sculpture.

Pam began her Reiki journey in 2008 and because of the wonderful benefits of Reiki that she has experienced, has devoted herself to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher to help others learn Reiki to heal themselves and others. In turn, her feeling is that the more people that practice Reiki, the more we can all spread healing and compassion throughout the world.


"Reiki helps us to slow down, to really embrace what we are, both physically and emotionally, and work on finding our personal balance."


Reiki (ray-key) is defined as life force energy.


It is based on the concept that "life force energy" flows through all of us. This energy can, at times, become low or blocked, causing us to be stressed, and sometimes leads to illness.

Reiki is a simple, natural method of healing whereby the client comfortably lays fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner lays their hands on, or hovers above, specific energy centers of the body. The practitioner becomes the conduit through which the spiritually guided life force energy flows.

Reiki treats the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.





I offer Reiki treatments by appointment. For the first treatment, I recommend a one hour treatment. You may be here to ease a physical issue, or to take the opportunity to de-stress from daily life. I will answer any questions you may have both before and after your appointment.


Half Hour Treatment


Full Hour Treatment


Pre-paid Package of 3 Treatments: 1 Hour Each


Pre-paid Package of 5 Treatments: 1 Hour Each


Senior citizen and military discount; 10%

* Gift Certificates are available and make a loving and thoughtful gift for anyone!

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Reiki is a method of spritual healing and self improvement that anyone can learn. Unlike other healing practices, the ability to channel Reiki energy is passed on from Teach to student, using the Usui System of Naural Healing. Reiki energy flows through all living beings, connecting all of us now, in the past, and in the future. Learning to touch and feel this energy is truly a gift we should all give ourselves!


Reiki Level I Certification Class

Everyone can open themselves up to the energy of the Universe in this basic class. This is a wonderful gift to yourself, even if you never plan to give treatments to others.

- What is Reiki, how does it work, and how does it benefit you and others?

- Receive your first attunement, allowing Reiki energy to flow through you.

- Treat yourself and others while you learn and practice various hand positions used in treatments.

- Intro do the chakra system and energy fields.

- Give and receive complete Reiki treatments.

- Learn how to treat yourself and your pets.


Reiki Level II Certification Class: Practitioner Level

​ Intensify your connection to the Universe in Level II. Deepen your intuitive awareness to, and guidance from, those near and far.

- Learn the meaning of Level II symbols and how to draw them.

- Delve into these healing symbols and how to draw them.

- Learn distance healing, connecting to others, whether they are across the room or across the globe.

- Practice and give distant treatments. (A benefit to loved ones not living close to you.)

- Learn how to cleanse and protect your physical surroundings.

- Price of $225 includes healing with crystals or combine Level 1 Certification


Reiki Level III Master Level

The benefit of this Level for everyone is beyond measure. You develop your personal connection to every living being, in the present, past and all that will be in the future.

This class is structured for the area you are interested in:

- Do you want to teach?

- Do you want to go into business doing treatments?

- Do you want to develop your personal practice and self-fulfillment, maybe working with crystals?

Learn the Master Symbols, their meanings, and how to use them. Also, learn how to give attunements to others.

* This is a private class


Introduction to Healing with Crystals

The Healing with crystals goes back many thousands of years. Our body is made up of energy in various patterns, circulating within our physical self, thoughts, and feelings. When all of these patterns are disrupted, or blocked, we are impacted and the result can be anything from a mild headache to a debilitating disease.

- Learn fun ways to work with crystals in your daily life.

- During meditation

- Jewelry choices

- Crystals and your chakras

- Choosing crystals

- Working with crystals and Reiki

- Basic pendulum work


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Reiki and Crystals classes are fun for groups of friends, both for personal development and group bonding.

Sponsor a class: Gather your own group together, (minimum of 4) and schedule at a time and place of your convenience!

- Group of 4 = your class is discounted 50%

- Group of 5+ = your class is free

You will receive a Reiki handbook and certificate of completion for each class. Upon completion of Level III, you may monitor or assist with any Level I or II class for your practice or review.

*Reiki healing therapy is not meant to replace medical treatments.


To learn more about the next certification offerings please contact Pam Lynch using the form below or call Pam at 585.750.4109.

90 S. Main St. Canandaigua, NY 14424
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