Rick Lynch has studied, practiced and experienced Yoga for over 30 years. He began his own yoga practice in 1978 when he took a class because he had health complications. Quickly realizing that yoga was much more than just poses, it became a way of life for him. After becoming certified as an instructor in 1989 with Francois Raoult of Open Sky Yoga Center in Rochester, Rick took continuing education credits to become a master yoga instructor.

Since 1989 Rick has taught locally and internationally, leading many trips to Thailand and India for yoga vacations and retreats. He has conducted classes at Open Sky Yoga in Rochester since 1989, at his studio Finger Lakes Yoga in Canandaigua since 1993, and at Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua since 2000. Since 2007, Rick has co-evolved yoga programs for Wegman’s. In 2016, he became certified in mindfulness and meditation with teacher David Nichturn of Denver, Colorado. In 2017 he broadened his scope to a pilates teaching certification as well.

Rick's class are truly for anyone. Each class promotes yoga's ultimate goal of stilling the mind with his tried and true techniques in breathing and body movement. He teaches from the inspiration of his students, the time of year, and time of day, being conscious of all that challenges us, as humans. Class participants enjoy the use of props to allow each posture to meet the student where they're at, whether a brand new student or seasoned practitioner. Rick enjoys yoga and shares it with his soft spoken sense of humor and positive perspective of living a whole life, everyday.


Rick brings his humor and an everyday practicality to his high quality yoga instruction. Each class is inspired by being here now and making peace with our minds through the use of breath, movement and stillness. As you get to know him, you'll appreciate his passion for nature, hiking the Finger Lakes area and riding motorcycles.


Yoga is an art, a science, and philosophy for personal development.

Yoga will help build strength, develop flexibility and improve harmony with in yourself.

Yoga reduces the effects of stress. Therapeutic in nature, yoga can help alleviate physical problems by bringing balance to the whole system.

Yoga is compatible and enhancing to all athletic endeavors.

Yoga by definition is the settling of the mind into stillness.

Its purpose is to deepen your inner sense of awareness and perception.





Pre-registration only and no walk-ins.


Classes are limited to 16 people.

Students must make-up missed classes within the current session.

Everyone must wear facial mask in class.

Students must be vaccinated to participate in class. Please provide proof.

Everyone must provide their own yoga mat.

You may bring your own props or borrow ours.


8 week session 1x a week $146.00

                      2x a week $154.00

Please email, text or call us to register.

November 8 - December 21

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"Don't ask me about meditation.

Ask me what is not meditation.

I sit anywhere, I meditate. I stand anywhere, I meditate.

I walk anywhere, I meditate

Everything I do is meditation."

Rick Lynch 2020